Swimmers around the world are reaching their goals by following Personal Training Plans in the MySwimPro app. 

Whether you want to swim faster, improve your endurance, lose weight, or focus on specific strokes, our plans will help you. These 4-12 week plans are available on iPhone, Android and many waterproof smartwatches with an ELITE COACH subscription.

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How to Follow a Training Plan on Your Android

How to Follow a Training Plan on Your iPhone

Personalize Your Account

After starting your free 30-day trial of MySwimPro ELITE:

  • Go to your Profile, then tap ‘Settings’
  • Tap ‘Workout Settings’ to personalize your Dynamic Intervals

These Dynamic Intervals will be help us curate a plan that is unique to your speed and skill level.

Choose Your Personal Training Plan

Explore your recommended Training Plans in the Swim and Dryland tabs and take a look at the weekly workouts for each plan. Choose one that will help you reach your with your goals:

Set a Goal For Your Plan

Your aim is to complete the Training Plan at your own pace. Depending on the Training Plan you select, you’ll be committing to 4-12 weeks of swim workouts at least 2-4 times per week. We recommend following this schedule, and swimming at least every other day.

All of the plans are flexible to your schedule, and you can complete them whenever, and wherever! If you can only swim once per week, that’s fine! Just follow the sequence of workouts at your own pace.

Set a goal for yourself that is realistic and attainable.


  • Commit to swimming 3 days per week and doing dryland 2 days per week
  • Try to make every single interval of each workout
  • Finish a 4-week plan within 8 weeks

Start Your Plan

Once you have selected a plan, you will find your next swim workout of the plan along the top of the screen in the Swim or Dryland tab.

  • Tap to start the workout or scroll through the full plan and see all the weekly workouts.

Edit Workout

If you want to customize your next workout in the plan:

  • Tap ‘Edit’ and you can change anything in the workout. Change the pool length, add or remove sets, or adjust your interval times. Then tap ‘Save.’

If you want to swim more workouts than what the plan recommends, try incorporating the fresh Workout of The Day into your weekly schedule! These workouts will compliment your training very well.

Launch Workout

Once the workout is ready to go, you can either:

  • Print a PDF: Tap the ellipses (…) in the top right corner of the workout and tap “Open PDF” to print it out
  • Sync to Your Smartwatch: Tap the ellipses (…) and tap “Send to Watch”
  • Do it the Old Fashioned Way: Write the workout on a piece of paper or a whiteboard

Log Workout

After you swim the workout, make sure you open your MySwimPro app on your phone to log your swim and record all your split times. You’ll want to keep a log of your swim times to track your progress.

If you have a watch, this will happen automatically. You’ll also see other advanced analytics such as your split times, strokes per lap, and heart rate graphs.

Planning Your Next Workout

After you log your first swim of the Training Plan, you’ll see your next planned workout featured on the top of your Swim or Dryland tab. You can plan out your training week by tapping this and viewing the workouts you need to complete per week.

Seeing all the upcoming workouts will help you stick to your program and reach your goals!


Keep a record of your progress by always logging your swim workouts and times in your MySwimPro app. Visit the ‘Feed’ tab to see a list of all your previous swims, and view your overall stats on your ‘Profile’ tab!


Our global community of swimmers is a great place to connect with thousands of other athletes to share ideas, motivate and encourage each other and engage in discussion on swimming tips. Join our Private Facebook Group and introduce yourself!

To start your Personal Training Plan, get the MySwimPro app on your iPhone or Android. Start your free trial of ELITE COACH.

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20 thoughts on “How to Follow a Training Plan in MySwimPro

  1. Just learning to use. I have a Garmin vivoactice 4S. Between sets there is a 30 sec test, but I was unaware of the rest, therefore my splits for first is off by 30 sec. Since the Garmin data comes in, how do I edit and more importantly SAVE my splits. After adjusting the splits, I save. Then choose done. The next screen has two opt: Save later, or Log workout. If I log workout, I get a second wo for the day with correct splits, but not the data from Garmin.i just want it saved in the original wo.

  2. Hi, is it possible to set the intervals without the time, please? I only would like to see the length fo next phase (interval) as I don’t want to be pushed by the time. E.g. warm-up 400 m, then 6 * 100 m drills etc. – and when I complete 400 m warm-up, my Garmin watch says “6 * 100 m drills”.
    I only need to have the training led by the length, not by the time.
    How to set it, please?
    Thank you, Zuzana

    1. Hi Zuzana! Yes, it’s possible to do this! When you are building your workout, there’s a little toggle button next to the Interval time that allows you to turn that feature off. If you’re using a pre-written MySwimPro workout, simply tap the (…) in the top right corner of the workout screen to edit the workout, and tap on each set to remove the interval. Hope this helps!

  3. HI I have a Samsung Gear 3 Frontier watch and I can track a swim using a couple of apps but can’t seem to get it tracking with the myswimpro app. Do you have any idea if this watch is supported?

  4. I am currently doing the Get Fit–Freestyle training plan. I started with week three because it was the appropriate distance for me. When I finish week 6, will the app think I have completed the training plan, or will I have to cancel it in order to move on without doing weeks 1 and 2?

  5. I did the workout for world swim day yesterday 🙂 Today, I went to log it in and see that I had to log it yesterday. Oh wells – maybe next year 🙁 Well back to the point – I have a few workouts in my library that I saved and your help pages keep referencing the “train” tab. What? where? I don’t see that anywhere? I think I have touched everything possible on this screen for three or four times now. I have an Apple X phone which is newish so it should be compatible with your app? I’m pretty frustrated and i’m hoping you can help.

    1. Hi Jennifer, I am sorry to hear about your frustration! I hope you were still able to find the workout plan this weekend. Can you please go to your settings in the app and press “Send Feedback”? Then our product team can look into the issue you’re experiencing. If you have any further questions, please email us at support@myswimpro.com. Thanks!

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