Swimming without a training plan is a bit like trying to drive in a foreign country without a map: you’ll always get somewhere, but the place you arrive may not be where you actually want to be. Without a proper swim plan, your workouts might not lead you toward your goal.

The MySwimPro App offers training plans designed to get you back in swimming shape. Download the App on iPhone and Android to subscribe to a training plan that’s right for you!

Enhance Speed Training Plan Fast Facts:

  • Duration: 8 Weeks
  • Workouts: 24
  • Average Workout: 1,800 meters = 45 minutes
  • Goal: Improve your 100 freestyle time

Who’s it for? You already swim a few times per week and ready to take the next few steps to unlock your full speed potential. After 8 weeks, you will improve your 100 freestyle time!

How does it work? Complete 3 workouts per week for 8 weeks. Each workout lasts between 30-45 minutes. Every other week, you’ll test your speed with a sprint set and finish the plan with a short taper period and a 100 for time!

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How To Swim Faster:

As simple as it sounds, there’s really only two ways you can swim faster.

  1. Decrease Drag
  2. Increase Propulsion

Check out this article, or watch our video below for more tips!

How to Follow the Plan:

A training plan is a critical component to the success of reaching your goals in swimming! Here are some additional ways this plan is designed to help you get there.

  1. Time: During the week, you may feel stretched on time. This plan sets all your workouts ahead of time for you; therefore, you are more able to fit them into your hectic schedule than you thought. You’ll know exactly what you’re doing for the week and how long each workout is.
  2. Setting Goals: Having a chart makes makes your goal much easier and attainable Having a goal gives you something to work towards and a plan helps get you there!
  3. Staying Focused: By having a plan ahead of time, you know exactly what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it. One of the worst things that can happen is to only swim when the mood hits you (or not at all). A plan will keep you focused on where you’re going.
  4. Staying Motivated: By adhering to a weekly schedule, you may find that you are staying motivated between and during every session more so than if you didn’t have a plan. Seeing the entire plan laid out in front of you will help visualize success and keep you on track.
  5. Accountability: If you can’t swim with a team or coach, this plan is for you! We are your accountability partners in this journey. A structured plan will keep your schedule in check and accountable to each and every workout.

So what are you waiting for? Start the Enhance Speed training plan and achieve your goals like never before with MySwimPro! Still not convinced? Read: Why You Need A Structured Training Plan.

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22 thoughts on “8-Week Swim Training Plan To Enhance Speed

    1. Hi Tress, if you go to your ‘Train’ screen, you’ll see the next workout in your training plan. If you tap on that button, it will show you all of the workouts coming up in your training plan so you can see the details. Let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks

  1. Hi! I’m looking for swim training plan focusing on speed (100m) with 6-7 workouts per week. Do you have such plan in premium version? There is possibility to customize this plan?

    1. Hi Michael, great question! We currently do not offer a training plan with 6-7 workouts/week in it. What you can do though is join the enhance speed plan, then incorporate your other 3-4 workouts a week with other workouts from our full library. We have many sprint workouts in the app that will pair great with the plan! Thanks for your question!

  2. Can I use this app to help me come up with workouts for my high school swim team? As a soccer coach who has just finished his 49th season coaching high school soccer I am now a first year swim coach and I could use some help to get my swimmers ready for competition.

    I am still trying to figure out the app which I will purchase after the seven day trial period runs out. I am getting the app for myself.

    You should really expand this app so swim coaches could use it for their swimmers…

  3. The dnhance speed workout says 4x 50 IM. Does this mean all 4 strokes within each 50m length or 50 of fly followed by 50 of backstroke…. etc?

    Would be great under each rep to have a brief description of what it is.

    1. Hi Will! You can do 4 x 50 IM a couple different ways:
      1. 50yds of each stroke (fly, back, breast, free) x 4
      2. 25yds of each stroke (fly, back) x 2 then (breast, free) x 2
      3. 12.5yds of each stroke (fly, back, breast, free) x 4

      Hope that helps!

  4. Hi I would like to enhance speed for 100 fly and 100 back. Will the enhance speed 100 free work for this?

  5. Hello.
    What means “Focus on applaying drill” in 1 x 100m Free Set? What should I be focusing on?

  6. Hello,
    Do you have workout plan for swimmers of the masters category?
    It is not beginners with 2000 m plan or open water swimmers with their only freestyle.
    What can you offer to test for plan like 3-4 workouts per week and about 3000 m (1h – 1h15m)?

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