We’re excited to share our free 2-Week Training Plan for beginner adult swimmers. This plan is available to all MySwimPro members – you do not need a paid Subscription!

Complete these 6 workouts anytime, and anywhere. At the end, you will feel stronger, faster, and more confident in the water.

The Getting Started for Beginners Training Plan is designed for swimmers looking to improve their technical efficiency in the water. It’s a fantastic plan to be first introduced to structured training and designed to get you in swimming shape.

Training Plan Overview:

  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Workouts: 6
  • Average Workout: 500 meters = 20 minutes
  • Goal: Improve freestyle technique & endurance
  • How To Get It: Get the workouts in the free MySwimPro app on your iPhone or Android. Take them to the pool by printing them, writing them on a whiteboard, or syncing them to a compatible smartwatch.

*Smartwatch is optional – NOT required!

Who is it for? You can swim freestyle, but not for very long. Maybe you were on a swim team growing up, and looking for a quick start to get back into the swing of things. This plan works on the fundamentals: streamline, rotation, breathing, and improving overall stroke efficiency.

If you find yourself swimming one stroke continuously back and forth for a long time, you should try this plan! These 6 workouts will teach you interval training, technique drills, and how to swim different strokes.

This Training Plan is available to all MySwimPro members, a paid Subscription is not required.

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How does it work? Get the workouts in the free MySwimPro app, available on iPhone or Android. Click here to download >

You can swim these workouts anywhere, and anytime – on your own schedule. Set a goal to try and complete 3 workouts per week for 2 weeks.

Each workout lasts between 10-20 minutes and is 100% customizable to you. You can modify each workout, and the weekly schedule, so that it fits your unique needs. By the sixth workout, you will quickly ramp up to swimming a 1 km workout.

How To Follow The Plan:

1 – Download MySwimPro App on iPhone or Android

2 – Complete your profile to activate the Personalized Coaching Algorithm.

3 – In the Coach tab, find the Getting Started Training Plan and tap Start Plan. This Training Plan is available to all MySwimPro members, a paid Subscription is not required.

4 – Review the workouts, and personalize the speed or duration by tapping the Edit icon. Adjust, then tap Save!

5 – When you’re ready to swim, tap the Share icon to print the workout, sync it with a smartwatch, or write it on a piece of paper or whiteboard.

6 – After your swim, open the app on the phone to log the workout to your feed. Just tap Log Activity!

For more helpful tips, visit our Support Site.

Beginner Swimming Tips:

When you go to the pool, do you just swim back and forth continuously? Do you only know how to swim freestyle or the front crawl? If so, this isn’t helping you swim faster. So, we want to help you!

When you focus on your non-dominant strokes, such as breaststroke or backstroke – you are working new muscles that engage different parts of your body. This helps you get stronger!

This strength training in different muscles actually really helps your freestyle stroke. So it’s a win-win for all your strokes!

The 4 Strokes:

  1. Freestyle
  2. Backstroke
  3. Butterfly
  4. Breaststroke

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In this video, we’re sharing the 5 reasons why you should swim all 4 strokes every time that you are in the water.

We’ll talk about what the 4 strokes are, how you can get started, and show an example beginner swim workout that incorporates everything we discussed in the pool.

Are you still a little uncomfortable around the pool and in the water?

When you start, try to swim just 25-50 yards or meters at a time. You can try backstroke, breaststroke, or sidestroke. We recommend holding off on butterfly until you’re feeling really strong.

Watch this video for our tips on how to swim in a public pool, and try these simple breathing exercises so that you feel calm in the water.

Why You Need a Training Plan:

  1. Time: During the week, you may feel stretched on time. This plan sets all your workouts ahead of time for you; therefore, you are more able to fit them into your hectic schedule than you thought. You’ll know exactly what you’re doing for the week and how long each workout is.
  2. Setting Goals: Having a goal gives you something to work towards and a plan helps get you there! Having a chart makes your goal much easier and attainable.
  3. Staying Focused: By having a plan ahead of time, you know exactly what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it. One of the worst things that can happen, is to only swim when the mood hits you (or not at all). A plan will keep you focused on where you’re going.
  4. Staying Motivated: By adhering to a weekly schedule, you may find that you are staying motivated between and during every session more so than if you didn’t have a plan. Seeing the entire plan laid out in front of you will help visualize success and keep you on track.
  5. Accountability: If you can’t swim with a team or coach, this plan is for you! We are your accountability partners in this journey. A structured plan will keep your schedule in check and accountable to each and every workout.

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Ready to get started? Download the free MySwimPro app and unlock your workouts!

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