• How to Warm Up for a Swim Workout | 10-Minute Dynamic Warmup

    Your warmup sets the tone for your workout — a good warmup will prime your muscles and get you ready to perform during the main set. Minimal warm up (or no warm up at all) can put you at risk for injuries, and means your body might need some extra time to shake off the […]

    December 14, 2021
  • How to Cross-Train for Swimming

    Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise out there. But what if we told you that you can get faster in the water by doing something other than swimming? That’s right, we’re talking about cross-training. If you’re not familiar with the term, cross-training involves several different types of exercise, and the intention is […]

    May 4, 2021
  • How to Do Mountain Climbers

    A key building block to fast, efficient swimming is core strength. While there are seemingly hundreds of core exercises that can help you get stronger, today we’re sharing one of our favorites: Mountain climbers!  Mountain climbers are a great, functional core movement for swimmers to add to their dryland training arsenal. This exercise is a […]

    July 23, 2020
  • 5 Stretches for Swimmers

    When it comes to building a training schedule, stretching is often the last thing on swimmers’ minds. We know it’s good for us, but it can be tough to stay motivated and stick to a routine!  However, proper muscle and joint mobility plays an important role in swimming performance: Reduces muscle imbalances to ensure proper […]

    July 23, 2020
  • Lower Back Stretch for Swimmers

    Low back pain and injuries are common among swimmers, and are often the result of improper body position and limited core stability. A combination of swimming, dryland training and stretching is key to fixing these issues and helping you swim pain free. Today we’re sharing one of our favorite lower back stretches. The lying twist! […]

    July 9, 2020
  • Shoulder Stretch for Swimmers

    Nearly every swimmer has struggled with shoulder pain or injury which, in some cases, can keep you out of the water for weeks at a time. The key to preventing shoulder injury is consistent shoulder strength and mobility work. Today we’re sharing a classic shoulder stretch to try after your swim or dryland workouts! Technique […]

    June 25, 2020
  • How to Do Hip Bridges

    The hip bridge should be in every swimmer’s dryland training arsenal. It’s a low impact exercise that strengthens the core and glutes, stabilizes the low back and addresses common muscle imbalances and weaknesses that can cause injury. While the hip bridge might seem like an easy exercise, many swimmers perform it incorrectly, minimizing the benefits […]

    June 11, 2020
  • 25-Minute Medicine Ball Dryland Workout for Swimmers

    A medicine ball is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment for swimmers. Available in a variety of sizes and weights, medicine balls add an element of instability and extra resistance to classic bodyweight exercises. If you’re looking to progress your at-home dryland training, pick up a medicine ball! Total Body Medicine Ball Workout […]

    June 9, 2020
  • 30-Minute Advanced Swiss Ball Workout for Swimmers

    If you typically do dryland training in a gym, a home workout may seem like an easy alternative — no weights and minimal equipment make for an easy workout, right? Wrong! If you have a Swiss ball, you can get a killer workout at home and still make progress toward your swimming performance goals.  Swiss […]

    June 1, 2020
  • How to Do Cobra Pose

    Stretching and mobility are just as important as your swim and dryland training. Without proper flexibility, your muscles won’t work as efficiently, potentially leading to injuries and muscle imbalances.  Cobra pose is an excellent stretch for the front of the core and for the spine, and is best done after a workout to help your […]

    May 29, 2020