• DIY Tethered Swimming with MySwimPro

    In this guest blog post, MySwimPro community member and marathon swimmer Cynthia Hertzer shares how she built a pool and swimming tether in her backyard to help her stay fit during the COVID-19 lockdown.  The pandemic has caused me to take a “gap year” from swimming. With everything closed, I won’t log as many miles […]

    July 8, 2020
  • Natural Hair Care Tips for Swimmers

    In this guest blog post, Madison Freeland shares her top 5 tips for keeping natural hair healthy after swimming. Madison has been swimming since age 5, and is now a junior competing in Howard University’s Division 1 Swimming and Diving program. She hopes that sharing her experience balancing caring for her natural hair and swimming […]

    July 2, 2020
  • I’m Swimming 10 Miles to Support Open Water Access & Restoration

    In this guest blog, MySwimPro Ambassador Michelle Rogalski shares why she is raising money — and swimming 10 miles around Muskegon Lake in Michigan — to support the Muskegon Lake Watershed Partnership, an organization that supports the restoration and revitalization of the Muskegon Lake Watershed ecosystem.  Out of sight isn’t always out of mind. Dumping […]

    June 30, 2020
  • 5 Days of Giveaways Winners!

    To celebrate our 5th anniversary, we hosted 5 days of epic giveaways to thank you, our global community, for your support! We shared a special video each day on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, and we received more than 2,000 comments from our community sharing inspiring swimming stories, their favorite strokes, why they love to […]

    June 23, 2020
  • How I Got Back into Swimming Shape After Lockdown

    In this guest blog post, MySwimPro community member Ann Browett shares how she got back into swimming after her home country of New Zealand lifted its COVID-19 lockdown. At the time this blog was published, New Zealand was in Phase 1 of reopening and most businesses were back to normal operations, while the country’s borders […]

    June 16, 2020
  • Celebrating 5 Years of MySwimPro

    June 2020 marks an exciting milestone at MySwimPro: it’s our 5th anniversary!  Our co-founders saw a gap in the swimming industry, and in 2015, the MySwimPro app was born! In the 5 years since, we’ve helped swimmers of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds achieve their gold medal moments through personalized training plans, educational content […]

    June 15, 2020
  • Becoming a Faster Open Water Swimmer with MySwimPro

    Join us in welcoming Cory Donovan to the MySwimPro Ambassador team! Cory is a full time yoga instructor in Baltimore, Maryland. When he’s not teaching, he spends his time either swimming, running, biking, practicing yoga, or finding another way to get active.  Meet Cory I started swimming 5 or 6 years ago while I was battling […]

    June 9, 2020
  • Letter to the MySwimPro Community

    At MySwimPro, we deeply value the diversity of our global community members, ambassadors, and team. Together we stand with the black community. Together, we stand in solidarity against racism and violence, because black lives matter. When members of our community hurt, we all hurt.  We will be donating money to help combat racial injustice. We […]

    June 1, 2020
  • 500 Swimmers Share How COVID-19 Has Impacted Their Swimming

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of uncertainty on the swimming community. The Olympics have been postponed to 2021, many swim meets and open water races are canceled, and millions of swimmers around the world are unable to train due to pool and beach closures. The pandemic situation varies widely from country to country […]

    May 28, 2020
  • How I Lost 75lbs Swimming & Reclaimed My Life

    Swimming took my broken pieces, and mended them back together. It was like I was a puzzle with all the pieces out of place, and swimming made me whole again. My name is Patty Deters, and I am a MySwimPro Ambassador from Colorado. Swimming, and the MySwimPro app, has helped me reclaim my life mentally, […]

    May 21, 2020