• 4 Swimming Nonprofits Making the Sport More Diverse & Accessible The CDC reports that there are approximately 11 drowning deaths every day in the United States, and research has shown that race, socioeconomic status and limited access to aquatics facilities can make certain communities at higher risk for drowning. Did you know that Native American people are twice as likely to drown as white people, […] October 14, 2021
  • How to Dive Off the Blocks Faster | 6 Swimming Start Tips Your start can make or break your performance in a swim race. A bad start can be the difference between achieving a personal best time or missing it by a hair. Knowing this, what should you work on to ensure your starts are powerful and fast?  Whether you’re just learning how to do a racing […] October 11, 2021
  • Explore the New MySwimPro Workout Experience You asked, and we answered! We’ve refreshed the MySwimPro Workout experience to make it even easier for you to understand and follow a Swim Workout. To view the all-new Workout experience on your iPhone or iPad, update the MySwimPro app to the latest version and open a Swim Workout. For more detailed tutorials, visit our […] October 6, 2021