Ever wonder what it’s like to be a pro swimmer? Challenge yourself to the 8-day Beginner Gold Medal Training Plan!

Gold Medal Training Plan Overview

  • Duration: 1 week
  • Workouts: 8
  • Average Workout: 1,300 yards/meters
  • Goal: Challenge yourself to swim events inspired by the Tokyo swimming schedule!

Who’s it for? Beginner swimmers looking for an exciting challenge!

How does it work? Each day you’ll swim a Workout inspired by the swimming schedule in Tokyo. Challenge yourself with a shortened version of each event the pros will swim!

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How to Follow a Training Plan

A Training Plan is a critical to reaching your goals in swimming! Here’s why:

  1. Time: During the week, you may feel tight on time. This plan sets all your Workouts ahead of time for you to help you maximize your time in the water or at the gym. You’ll know exactly what you’re doing for the week and how long each Workout is.
  2. Setting Goals: Whatever your goal, a structured Training Plan helps get you there! Having a calendar of pre-planned Workouts makes your goal much more attainable.
  3. Staying Focused: When you have a plan ahead of time, you’ll stay on track. One of the worst things that can happen, is to only swim when the mood hits you (or not at all).
  4. Staying Motivated: Seeing the entire plan laid out in front of you will help you visualize success and keep you on track. You may find that you’re even more motivated to get your workouts in!
  5. Accountability: If you can’t swim with a team or coach, this Plan is for you! We are your accountability partners in this journey, and will make sure you log each and every Workout.

Swimming without a training plan is a bit like trying to drive in a foreign country without a map: you’ll always get somewhere, but the place you arrive may not be where you actually want to be. So what are you waiting for?

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