Take your open water swims to the next level with the new and improved MySwimPro app for Garmin!

Enhanced GPS tracking and detailed analytics make it easier than ever to stick to your route, focus on technique, and track your progress over time. Let’s go! 

Open Water Swimming with Garmin

  1. Before you hit the water, pair your MySwimPro account with Garmin Sync or the Garmin Connect IQ app. Sync MySwimPro with Strava, too, for even more connectivity.
  2. Start a workout using the Garmin Open Water swim app. Track your heart rate, distance and average pace throughout your swim.
  3. When you’re finished, the Garmin Sync feature will automatically log your workout to MySwimPro, keeping a detailed feed of all your swims in one place.
  4. Review your workout analytics to track your improvements over time.
  5. Share a detailed map of your swim on social media! 

No matter where you swim, MySwimPro gives you the workouts, coaching, and data analytics you need to reach your goals. Ready to get started? Download the MySwimPro app to start your free trial of ELITE COACH! For more tips and FAQs, visit our Support Site.

30 day trial

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