Welcome to MySwimPro, the #1 dryland training app for swimmers! We hope you’re excited to dive into dryland training to improve your swimming performance and health!

Dryland Pack features customized dryland training plans and workouts designed for swimmers, available on both your phone and Apple Watch. This guide will help you get the most out of your 30-day trial or subscription.

Included in Your Dryland Pack Subscription

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How to Get Started

Set yourself up for success! Complete these steps to familiarize yourself with the MySwimPro app and make sure all your tech is synched.

1. Finish setting up your profile

Add your name, picture and goals under Account Settings and Workout Settings. Your answers to these questions help us generate your personal coaching algorithm.

2. Sync your Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch, sync it to the MySwimPro app under Settings > Devices & Apps and get each workout on your wrist!

An Apple Watch isn’t required to work out with MySwimPro, so if you don’t have one, skip this step. You can follow your dryland workouts with just your phone!

3. Download the Apple TV App

If you have Apple TV, download MySwimPro to follow dryland workouts on the big screen! Apple TV also isn’t required to work out with MySwimPro, so skip this step if you don’t have it!

4. Learn how to print your workouts

No smartwatch? No worries! Tap the Share button on the workout you plan to do and export a PDF you can print and bring with you. Learn how to export a PDF here.

5. Purchase equipment

The MySwimPro exercise library features almost 200 exercises that incorporate bodyweight movements and basic equipment. It’s possible to see strength gains from bodyweight only workouts, but we recommend investing in some at-home workout equipment, such as a Swiss ball, resistance bands and a medicine ball. This is completely optional. Check out our favorite workout gear here!

6. Join our Facebook community

Connect with swimmers from across the globe in our Facebook group for inspiration and extra accountability!

How to Log a Workout

MySwimPro allows you to log your workouts two different ways:

Log a MySwimPro Workout

Choose a workout from the Workout Library or a training plan, or try a Workout of the Day. When viewing the workout, tap the ellipsis (…) to edit the workout, export a PDF or send it to your smartwatch.

Place your phone on the floor or a nearby table and get audio and visual coaching cues to guide you through your workout at home or in the gym!

Create a Custom Workout

Choose from almost 200 exercises to build your own dryland workout. Create a bodyweight workout or incorporate resistance bands, a Swiss ball or a medicine ball. Tap the + symbol on your home screen to get started.

How to View Your Analytics

Scrolling MySwimPro dryland workout

If you work out with a smartwatch, MySwimPro will automatically track your heart rate and calorie burn so you can see measurable progress over time.

To view your analytics, tap on a completed workout on your Profile. 

Helpful Resources to Check Out Before Your First Workout 

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Explore our training plans here!

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How to Create Your Own Dryland Workout on iOS

Check out our Support Site for more FAQs!

Support & Contact

Have questions about Dryland Pack, your subscription, or how to use the MySwimPro app? Visit our Support Site or email support@myswimpro.com.

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