Welcome to MySwimPro ELITE, the #1 swim and dryland program for swimmers! We hope you’re excited to dive into your training to improve your performance and health!

ELITE is our most advanced, personalized training experience ever, featuring online coaching, customized Training Plans and Analytics on both your phone and smartwatch. This guide will help you get the most out of your 30-day trial or subscription.

Included in Your ELITE Subscription

How to Get Started

Set yourself up for success! Complete these steps to familiarize yourself with the MySwimPro app and make sure all your tech is synched.

1. Finish setting up your profile

On your Profile tab, tap Settings to add your name, picture, pool length, goals and best times under Account Settings and Workout Settings. Your answers to these questions helps our DynamicSwim Algorithm calculate your Personalized Training Intervals

2. Sync your smartwatch

If you have an Apple or Garmin smartwatch, sync it to the MySwimPro app under Settings > Devices & Apps and get each Workout on your wrist! Check out this list of compatible smartwatches

A smartwatch isn’t required to work out with MySwimPro, so if you don’t have one, skip this step. Learn how to swim with MySwimPro without a smartwatch!

3. Sync your workouts to Strava

Share your workouts and check out your data on Strava! Click here to learn how.

4. Learn how to print your Workouts

No smartwatch? No worries! Export a PDF you can print and bring to the pool or gym. Learn how to export a PDF here.

5. Schedule your coaching call

If you are an annual ELITE member, check your email for an invitation to schedule your personal coaching session! During the call we will talk about your goals and recommend Training Plans to help you achieve them. We can also answer any questions you have about using the app!

6. Join our Facebook community

Connect with swimmers from across the globe in our Facebook group for inspiration and extra accountability!

How to Log a Workout

MySwimPro allows you to log your Workouts in a few different ways:

1. Quick Log

To quickly track your yardage and swim time, try Quick Log! Tap the + symbol on your home screen to access Quick Log.

2. Create a Custom Swim or Dryland Workout

Choose from endless combinations of drills, strokes and strength exercises to build your own Swim or Dryland Workout. Tap the + symbol on your home screen to get started. Check out this article for step-by-step instructions.

3. Log a MySwimPro Swim or Dryland Workout

Use the Workout of the Day, a Workout from the Workout Library or a Training Plan. When viewing the Workout, tap the ellipsis (…) to edit the Workout, export a PDF or send it to your smartwatch.

How to View Your Analytics

If you swim with a smartwatch, MySwimPro will automatically track your splits, heart rate, strokes per lap and SWOLF score so you can see measurable progress over time.

To view your Analytics, tap on a completed Workout on your Profile, and tap on each set to view in-depth data. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Personalize Your Set Intervals

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Check out our Support Site for more FAQs!

Support & Contact

Have questions about ELITE COACH, your subscription, or how to use the MySwimPro app? Visit our Support Site or email support@myswimpro.com.

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