Proper strength training is key to swimming success, whether you’re a serious competitor or a recreational swimmer. Our dryland training plans are built for swimmers of all skill levels and all ages, and can be completed at home! They are a great complement to your swim training, or can be completed as a stand-alone workout program.

Swimmer Strength

Develop total body functional strength and reduce your chances for injury with swimming-specific dryland workouts! Incorporate basic equipment to take your workouts to the next level. 

  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Workouts: 32 (4x/week)
  • Average Workout: 30-45 minutes
  • Equipment: Swiss ball, medicine ball, resistance bands (Optional: jump rope, yoga mat)

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Who is this plan for?

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You’ve mastered bodyweight exercises like push ups and squats and ready to take your training to the next level with added resistance.

How does it work? 

Follow these workouts at home or in a gym. Workouts consist of a dynamic warmup, main circuit, and cool down. Follow the instructional videos to ensure proper technique and modify the movements as necessary. This plan can be completed in less (or more) than 8 weeks, although it’s advised to have at least one rest day per week.

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How Dryland Training Works in the MySwimPro App

  • Dryland training plans are available in the free MySwimPro app for iOS and Android. ELITE COACH subscribers have unlimited access to all dryland training programs and our library of technique videos. 
  • Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to make sure your app is updated to the latest version to ensure you see all available plans.
  • Each workout includes a dynamic warm up, a main circuit and a cool down. 
  • All workouts are interval based, just like your swim workouts, and include video and audio demonstrations of each exercise. 
  • Edit the workout’s work and rest intervals to fit your fitness level!
  • Follow the workouts on your smartphone, Apple Watch or sync to your TV using AirPlay.

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A training plan is a critical component to reaching your goals! Here are some additional ways this plan is designed to help you.

  1. Time: During the week, you may feel stretched on time. This plan sets all your workouts ahead of time for you; therefore, you are more able to fit them into your hectic schedule than you thought. You’ll know exactly what you’re doing for the week and how long each workout is.
  2. Setting Goals: Having a goal gives you something to work toward and a plan helps get you there!
  3. Staying Focused: By having a plan ahead of time, you know exactly what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it. One of the worst things that can happen, is to only work out when the mood hits you (or not at all). A plan will keep you focused on where you’re going.
  4. Staying Motivated: By adhering to a weekly schedule, you may find that you are staying motivated between and during every session more than if you didn’t have a plan. Seeing the entire plan laid out in front of you will help visualize success and keep you on track.
  5. Accountability: If you can’t work out with a personal trainer, this plan is for you! We are your accountability partners in this journey. A structured plan will keep your schedule in check and hold you accountable to each and every workout.

Ready to get started? Download the MySwimPro app on your iPhone or Android! Try our ELITE COACH subscription free to access all of our dryland training programs. For more dryland workouts and training tips, check out our YouTube channel!

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