In this post, Ambassador Teena Lee (@teenakristeena) from Manila, Philippines shares her swimming journey and how the MySwimPro app has inspired her more than ever to swim everyday!


Hello! My name is Teena Lee, and I have been swimming since I was 5 years old! My parents enrolled me at the Bert Lozada Swim School as a child growing up in the Philippines, and I was very lucky to have been coached by Bert Lozada himself. I have many happy memories of growing up in the pool, I totally loved swimming, and it was something that my dad was passionate about as well. I always loved having my dad’s support in my swimming.

As I grew up, I took a few years off from swimming, but when I returned to the pool I thought “Hey, I’m not getting any younger, neither is my dad, so I really should swim more, that would make my dad so proud.” So I dove right back in! Unfortunately, in 2017 I got sick and was hospitalized for a week and had a major surgery on my stomach. I quickly gained over 20 pounds while I was recovering, but after 3 months of being inactive, I was happier than ever to get back to the pool swimming. I just absolutely love the water.


You could say that I am “addicted to swimming” in a way, LOL! I typically swim 7-8 kilometers per week and am working my way up to swimming at least 12 kilometers per week. I love the peace and serenity I have in the water, it is my time to reflect on my life and escape the stressful parts. My father recently passed away, and swimming really helps me process and work through the tough days. If you’re having a bad day, I always recommend a swim.

“Life is an open turn. Each and every swim I do now is for my dad.” 


I enjoy swimming for fitness, but it’s also nice to compete every now and then. My favorite strokes are freestyle and butterfly, so I primarily focus on those workouts. I have over 150+ workouts logged in the MySwimPro app! It’s been so helpful in my training, as I have become much more fit, and my swimming endurance is way better than it was before I started using the app.

I swim with a Garmin smartwatch, which makes it really easy to follow guided swim workouts right on my wrist. After my swim, I sync it to my iPhone, where I can see more detailed info of how I swim. It’s the easiest way to track my progress and feel accomplished after a tough workout!


Never give up! Swimming is for everybody! The water doesn’t know your age, so just focus on yourself and the pool. Sometimes you might compare yourself to others, but just try to focus on racing yourself and beating your own best times.

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Teena! We’re so excited to have you on board as an ambassador, and can’t wait to see you crush your goals this year!

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