The MySwimPro App on your Fitbit smartwatch is now better than ever! The latest update allows you to sync workouts and training plans right from your iPhone or Android smartwatch but now with enhanced functionality and analytics. The MySwimPro App is compatible with the Fitbit Versa, Versa Lite and Ionic. Checkout all the new features below!

  • Distance, Split, Stroke Detection – this allows splits to be recorded from a workout.
  • Haptic Feedback – this will pulse the watch on the countdown to when to push off.
  • Workout Navigation – allows you to go back and forth through workout sets.
  • Network Connectivity – you can pull the last viewed workout without needing an internet connection.

Improved Analytics

All of your swim workouts and now tracked analytics automatically sync with the MySwimPro app and will count toward your daily exercise goals. The MySwimPro Fitbit App will now includes distance, split and stroke detection! This is a massive update because now, you can complete interval-based workouts and have actionable data on how fast you were swimming each repetition post-workout in the MySwimPro app.

Enhanced Coaching Functionality

The MySwimPro Fitbit app now features full workout navigation allowing you to move back and forth through entire workout. This significantly improves functionality so you can pause workouts and advance to where you need to be. This update also allows you to view the last completed workout which means you can open a MySwimPro workout on your Fitbit without a connection to the internet.

The MySwimPro app now supports Haptic feedback on the countdown before sets. You’ll feel a small pulse on the countdown to the next repetition on a guided workout. This is an awesome feature we’ve implemented on our Apple Watch and Garmin apps that is now available on Fitbit.

There are a number of other small connectivity and usability improvements that will make this the greatest Fitbit swimming experience yet! See our full list of compatible smart watches with the MySwimPro app here. If you’d like support on how to sync the MySwimPro App to your Fitbit, visit our support article for a walk-through here.

7 thoughts on “Fitbit App Updates: Analytics & Coaching

  1. Maybe you can do a whiteboard wednesday on how to use the above on a android and a fitbit Ionic.

  2. So I have been using the My Swim Pro app together with a Fitbit Ionic Since January 2019.
    I really appreciate you updating the ionic software.
    After about 5 swims with the new updates I would like to leave some feedback, so that you can hopefully further improve the Fitbit Experience with My Swim Pro

    1. Haptic Feedback
    This is a nice touch, however there is no haptic feedback when there is a transition from the 30sec rest between sets to when the set starts.

    2. Workout Navigation
    This is an awesome feature, it used to frustrate me previously when my watch had an error, and I had to reload the app and wait several minutes to get back to where i left off.

    3. Network Connectivity
    This is also a great touch, as where I am swimming the network connectivity was always poor and I was forced to load the workout at my house and ride to the pool, while the workout was paused.

    Now some things that are not working
    My fitbit always loses bluetooth connection to my android while I am swimming. So what happens after my swim is completed (after the last rep is done) the app does not show the “you rock” and “load app later to sync” it just force closes and I lose all of my data.
    The work around here is to pause the workout before the last rep completes, go back to my phone, opent the fitbit app and make sure the green connection icon is showing in the fitbit app. I then resume the workout on the my swim pro app on the ionic and the workout will sync. (it then shows on the my swim pro app and auto uploads to Strava)

    I suggest that the app on the ionic somehow stores the data and then when you resume the connection on your fitbit app on the android, it will sync the data from the last workout.

    Improved analytics
    After i have successfully synced the workout using the work around method above, the workout shows on my “feed” in the my swim pro android app. when i click on “view workout” there is no analytics, split times, nothing.
    I also open the swim that records on my firbit android app, and there is no split times, analytics nothing there. (here my kick sessions also never get recorded), which leads me to beleive that there is no interaction between the My swim Pro and the Fitbit app.

    I do hope that you can have a look at this.
    Take a fitbit ionic go and swim yourself and post a video on how the analytics is suppose to work.

    Kind regards
    Jan Louis Mostert

  3. I would love it if you guys made a version available for the versa 2. I just purchased one and was disappointed to discover it wasn’t available for the versa 2 yet. I’m a big swimmer and am excited to be able to use your app to help better my swim analysis. If you are already working on getting a version to pair with the versa 2, then I’d love to know the eta on that! Thank you!

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