The cross over flip turn is a form of a swimming flip turn that is primarily used in the Individual Medley (I.M.) when transitioning from backstroke to breaststroke.

In this episode of #WhiteboardWednesday we’re teaching you how to make this transition the fastest turn of your I.M.!

What Are The 4 Types of Flip Turns?

Freestyle flip turn: 

A flip turn is the process of changing direction at the wall to stay swimming continuously. In freestyle, this includes a forward somersault. Learn tips here >

Backstroke flip turn: 

A backstroke flip turn requires you to flip over on your stomach, do a forward somersault, then push off on your back.

Open flip turn: 

For breaststroke and butterfly, these flip turns require a two hand touch to the wall, then push off on your stomach.

Transition I.M. flip turn:

  • Fly > Back transition
  • Back > Breast transition
  • Breast > Free transition

What Is A Crossover Flip Turn?

In this Whiteboard Wednesday, we are focusing on the Crossover Flip Turn, which is the backstroke to breaststroke turn. This is also considered an open flip turn. There are 3 different ways to do this turn:

Option 1 – Open Turn (Slow)

Finish on your back with your leading arm, take a breath, flip over on your stomach, then push off on your stomach.

Option 2 – Bucket Turn (Fast)

Finish on your back, use your lead arm that touches the wall to pull your legs in, do a backflip, then push off on your stomach for breaststroke.

Option 3 – Crossover Flip Turn (Fastest)

Finish on your back, use your lead arm, set your arm position on the wall, then turn your body over at the same time so you can push off on your side.

4 Steps to a Perfect Crossover Flip Turn

Step 1 – Approach

Approach the wall on your back, and count your strokes so you know your distance to the wall.

Step 2 – Touch 

Your top arm will cross your body diagonally (across your nose) and you will touch the wall while on your back.

Step 3 – Flip

Rotate your body laterally, touch and push off the wall with your top arm, while you bring your knees to your head, which allows you to flip, so you can push off with your legs quicker. Make sure you touch the wall while you are still on your back, or you will be disqualified.

Step 4 – Push 

Push off in a perfect streamline, and transition from your side to your stomach.

How To Practice the Crossover Flip Turn

Here are three drills you can practice to fine-tune your crossover flip turn:

1 – Practice finishing to the wall with your top arm and shoulder up. 

2 – Use the lane-line to practice pulling behind yourself. 

3 – Practice mid-pool away from the wall. 

To hear all our tips, listen to this episode on Soundcloud or watch the video above to see how it’s done!

I hope this Whiteboard Wednesday was helpful in mastering the crossover flip turn. For more tips like this, follow our series on the MySwimPro YouTube Channel

Happy swimming!

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