Please note that MySwimPro is no longer compatible with Fitbit. See a full list of smartwatches that are compatible with MySwimPro >

Fitbit offers some of the most popular smartwatches around, and the MySwimPro app allow you to sync workouts and training plans right from your smartphone. That means you can get all the great training plans in the MySwimPro app right on your wrist.

You can even write your own custom swim workouts and sync them to your smartwatch. You can load a swim workout directly from your smartwatch by opening the workout on your phone and then tapping on Load Workout on your watch.

All of your swim workouts and tracked analytics now automatically sync with your Fitbit app and will count toward your daily exercise goals.

The MySwimPro application will help you swim faster and smarter than ever before with a variety of training programs suited to your skill level. MySwimPro is like having a personal swim coach on your wrist guiding you through a workout set-by-set as if you had a personal coach pool side.

Syncing workouts works from both an iPhone and Android smartphone. You can check out a full list of compatible devices with MySwimPro here.

Featured Training Plans

A training plan is a critical component to the success of reaching your goals in swimming! Here are some additional ways this plan is designed to help you get there.

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12 thoughts on “Fitbit Swim Workout App

  1. Will the app allow recording of “laps” or “sets” within a session? E.g. multiple 400s (or other user defined distances down to 50s) stopped and started and recorded for each “lap”?

    I have previously had a Garmin vivaactive with that as standard

    1. Hi Bruce! If you load a workout onto your Fitbit before your swim, yes it will detect your splits. If you’re looking for a ‘start’ and ‘stop’ button specifically for laps, no it does not do that the same way that Garmin does it. If you have any other questions, please shoot us an email at Thanks!

  2. Will this track strokes? And do so accurately? I have read reviews that the Fitbit Versa is not accurate when tracking those.

  3. What is the difference between apple watch series 3 and fitbit versa 2?

    Can fitbit versa 2 track my time on each rep using load workout plan?


  4. How do I get rid of the time between “sets”? For example, let’s say I’m doing the following set group;

    1×400 swim on 5:30
    1×200 on 2:30
    1×100 on 1:15

    My Fitbit Versa 2 gets to the 5:30 mark, and then takes an additional 30 seconds before displaying the 1×200. Is there any way to get this removed or move more efficiently? I am a competitive masters swimmer and want a way to get through workouts with fast intervals. Thank you for your time.

      1. I contacted someone at myswimpro about this issue nearly 2 years ago and it still continues to be an issue making this app unusuable on fitbit devices. actually the app usually doesnt even work on my ionic watch anyways

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