• New Year Countdown Happy New Year! We present to you the New Year Countdown Workout with three different distances. Choose your level and start training with other swimmers from around the world as we count down to the new year together! Beginner: 1,400 Meters Intermediate: 2,750 Meters Advanced: 5,500 Meters Swimmers are very ambitious people, but often times, […] December 26, 2018
  • 12 Days of Christmas Swim Workout Challenge The holidays are the best time of the year to get creative with your swim workout routine! We present to you the 12 Days of Christmas Workout with three different levels. Choose your level and start training with other swimmers from around the world! Happy Holidays! 🎄 Beginner: 1,950 Meters Intermediate: 3,000 Meters Advanced: 5,350 […] December 21, 2018
  • 5 Ways to Make Sure You Swim During the Holidays Waking up early for a swim when the rest of your family is cozy inside is really hard. But when you make it through the holiday season and start off the new year feeling fitter than ever, you’ll be glad you stayed disciplined enough to maintain your training when everyone else was taking a break. […] December 14, 2018
  • The 10 Best Gifts for Swimmers this Christmas Christmas is almost here! Treat yourself or your favorite swimmer to something they’ll love–in and out of the pool. The ultimate gifts for swimmers We’ve got you covered with the ultimate list of 10 gifts that we think every swimmer would love. What’s even better is that they fit a wide range of budgets, depending […] December 14, 2018
  • Introducing MySwimPro ELITE We’re excited to announce the launch of the MySwimPro Elite membership tier! This subscription level is an upgrade for existing premium subscribers and offers a completely new and revamped experience for our global community. What is MySwimPro Elite? At MySwimPro, our mantra is to empower aquatic prowess. We do this for our global community of […] December 4, 2018
  • Advanced Freestyle Technique Bootcamp Technique should always be a priority, even for more experienced swimmers! The Advanced Freestyle Technique Bootcamp from MySwimPro is designed to help you work on your stroke mechanics and put you through a solid Workout in the process. At the end of this Plan you’ll notice a stronger connection with the water and improved stroke […] December 3, 2018
  • Freestyle Technique Bootcamp Proper technique is the foundation to long-term success in swimming. Build that foundation in the Freestyle Technique Bootcamp in the MySwimPro app! Over the course of this Training Plan, you’ll work on each aspect of your stroke to maximize efficiency, speed and aerobic conditioning while reducing your risk for injuries. Freestyle Technique Bootcamp Overview Workouts: […] December 3, 2018
  • Getting Started Swim Training Plan for Beginners New to swimming? Jump start your swim training with this Training Plan designed for beginners. Getting Started for Beginners is designed to introduce you to structured swim training, build strength, improve your technique and get fit. Getting Started for Beginners Training Plan Overview Workouts: 6 Swim Workouts, 4 optional Dryland Workouts Average Workout: 500 meters […] December 3, 2018
  • MySwimPro November 2018 Update We’re wrapping up November and leading into the end of the year with a lot of excitement. You can see our highlights from October here. Here is a behind the scenes look at what we were up to in November 2018! Introducing: ELITE We’re excited to announce the launch of the MySwimPro Elite membership tier! […] December 3, 2018