To grip the maximum amount of water, it’s important to work on the pull phase of the stroke.

By working on your pull, you can improve your overall stroke and efficiency in the water, swim faster, and reduce the chance of overuse injury. The goal is to position your forearm as close to vertical as early as possible in the catch phase of the stroke to grab the most water as early as possible.

Rather than pulling straight down, it’s important to initiate the catch with the fingertips. By doing this, you will increase the surface area of your pull. Your forearm/arm has much more surface area than just your hand.

This Workout of the Week focuses on building your aerobic capacity through freestyle training. The mean set is designed to test your aerobic threshold on a series of 100s freestyle. Have fun!

Workout Statistics:

  • Distance: 1,200m
  • Duration: 32 Minutes
  • Focus: Early Vertical Forearm

EVF is one of the most commonly referenced concepts in the technical swimming and coaching world, yet most are unsure what exactly Early Vertical Forearm (EVF) is. To learn more, check out this Whiteboard Wednesday!

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