The art of Taper is a difficult training period for most because you’re tying to focus on recovering the body and increasing your performance with more rest. During this phase of training it’s super important to focus on the details of your stroke and make sure you’re doing enough race-pace training to get your body ready for competition. Whether you’re tapering for a 1,500m swim or a 50m Freestyle, you need to train your mind and body how to perform when the horn goes off.

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Workout Statistics:

  • Distance: 1,800 yards
  • Duration: 47 Minutes
  • Focus: Taper (Stroke)

Main Set

  • 4 x 50s Stroke @ :50 – THRESHOLD
  • 4 x 25 Stroke @ :30 – DESCEND 1-4
  • 4 x 25s Stroke – Odds: Build, Evens: Fast Breakout
  • 4 x 25s Stroke @ :50 – RACE PACE

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