No two swim workouts should ever be the same!

We all have different skills, goals and training abilities so it’s super important to make sure your swim workouts are personalized to your speed to help you meet your goals.

In this episode of Whiteboard Wednesday, we’ll take a deep dive into how you can personalize your interval times in the MySwimPro app with the Dynamic Intervals feature!

What are Dynamic Intervals?

Interval = swim time + rest time.

The Dynamic Intervals feature makes every swim workout 100% personalized to you. These intervals are designed around your best recorded times by stroke, skill level and swimming goals.

If you do a set of 6 x 100s @ 1:30, the interval is one minute and thirty seconds. If you swim this repetition in one minute and 15 seconds, then you’ll have 15 seconds for rest before the next rep.

When you upgrade to ELITE COACH or the Swim Pack in MySwimPro, you unlock the Dynamic Intervals feature. With Dynamic Intervals, you can trust that every swim set in your workouts have intervals that are custom-made for your skill level, and speed.


  • Regular Interval = 6 x 100s @ 1:30
  • Dynamic Interval = 6 x 100s @ 1:25. MySwimPro uses your best times for each stroke to intelligently adjust the intervals on each set to you.

How to Personalize Your Dynamic Intervals:

To use Dynamic Intervals, you must be a paid Subscriber (or be on a free trial, which you can try here).

Learn how:

  • Navigate to Account Settings on the app and tap on Dynamic Intervals.
  • Input your best time for each stroke and distance. (It’s ok to guess if you’re not sure. Even vague guesses at your best time will help us shape the intervals to you.)
  • After you’ve inputted your times, all MySwimPro workouts (WOD, Training Plans, and Workout Library) will be adjusted using Dynamic Intervals.

Video Overview

On this episode of #WhiteboardWednesday, we’re talking about how two swimmers can do the same swim workout with different intervals. Learn the science behind the perfect swim workout. 

The personalized intervals are calculated as a function of the number of reps, distance, stroke type, energy zone, and your threshold ability for that particular stroke.

An elite swimmer may be able to do 10 x 100s Freestyle @ 1:10, while a more intermediate swimmer may do that same set of 10 x 100s Freestyle @ 2:00.

I hope this video showed you how dynamic intervals are created and can help you improve your swim training. Until next time, have fun and happy swimming!

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9 thoughts on “How to Personalize Your Workouts with Dynamic Intervals

  1. Where can I find a recommended workout for an older person trying to improve open water time? I am 65. Not fast. 2 minute 100s. Typically swim 1800 yards in a workout (one hour). Told my stroke is good but stroke rate not fast enough. Would like suggested workout to build up my speed a bit and start clearing 2000 an hour.

  2. Thank you for the post, it makes me realize our training sessions are not adapted for our level because in our Master team we have the same interval for swimmers who swim 100m freestyle in 1.00.00 or below and swimmers like me who swim 100m freestyle 1.15.00 and I am not progressing at all. How can I balance this out? I like training with my but I would like to improve my times? Can I train on the side for myself?

  3. Hi there

    Thank you for the whiteboard session it was very helpful. I have just started swimming and am in the second week of the open water training program.

    Am I right to assume that the training plan for the day will adjust the intervals once I have provided the dynamic intervals? At the moment I basically only just keep up and towards the end the plan surpasses me!

  4. Hello … I’m 54 years old and returning back to the pool after a very long hiatus, ex-high school swim team participant. I need help on so many levels , but my first focus is gaining endurance to be able to join my community masters team and keep up. I have access to a 25 yard pool . What program do you recommended for those entry level swimmers ?

  5. Hi, I’m a high functioning paraplegic. I do swim but I can only swim like a dolphin. Your workouts don’t really work for me too much because of this. But I’m wanting to use this app to help me do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi there! You’ll love our custom workout builder. You can create your own workout by tapping the + button on the MySwimPro home screen. Build out your workout however it works for you and head to the pool!

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