Since launching MySwimPro on the Apple Watch in 2016, we’ve made a number of feature enhancements including the addition of new experiences that our community loves.

The Award Winning MySwimPro Apple Watch App is compatible with the Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 smart watches in addition to Android Wear, Fitbit and Garmin Watches.

When you open MySwimPro on the Apple Watch, you’ll be presented with a screen showing three options each detailed below:

Load Workout

This function allows you to sync a guided swim workout from the MySwimPro workout library on your iPhone. You can also load a workout that you wrote yourself in the MySwimPro app.

After you tap on load workout, the MySwimPro Apple Watch app will automatically sync the workout open on the iPhone at that moment. Make sure the workout you’d like to do is open on your iPhone and within range for this pairing process to work. Once the workout is on the Watch you no longer need your phone to do the workout. Feel free to leave it in your locker or swim bag and head straight to the pool to get started.

The watch app will coach you through the loaded workout set by set. On the screen, you’ll see the current set (ex: 6 x 100s fr @ 1:30), your real-time heart rate, total calorie burn, time of day, and current position in the set (rep 4/6) along with the running pace clock for that set. It’s like having a personal coach on your wrist!

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If you’d like to swim without the worry of running a guided workout on the app, then this mode is for you. By tapping on open swim, you’ll simply enter the pool size you’re about to swim in, and start your workout. Tip: You can spin the Digital Crown to select your pool length faster.

While you’re swimming, the MySwimPro Apple Watch App will display your workout time, average 100 pace, real-time heart rate, and cumulative calorie burn. You can pause the workout at anytime by unlocking the screen/water lock (rolling the crown up), and force touch the screen to bring up the menu.

Drill & Kick Mode

Drill Mode allows members of our community who track their workouts with the Apple Watch Series 2 to more accurately capture their total workout distance. When you do a kick set or complete a drill, often times it’s hard for the Apple Watch’s accelerometer to accurately capture your true distance completed during that specific activity.

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When you switch the MySwimPro app to Drill Mode, you’ll be able to manually input your total distance kicked or drilled so that your total workout distance is 100% accurate. Here’s how it works:

  1. Force touch the screen to show the menu
  2. Tap on Drill Mode
  3. Kick or Drill
  4. Force touch the screen to show the menu
  5. Tap on End Drill Mode
  6. Enter your total kick/drill distance
  7. Tap OK and resume your swim workout

Open Water

Similar to pool, this mode allows you to swim in the open water and will show you real-time heart rate, total swim time, distance, and average 100 pace. This can be very useful when swimming in the open water to keep track of how far you’ve gone and what pace you’re holding.

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Pausing & Finishing A Workout

When you start a swim with MySwimPro, the screen automatically locks using water lock. So to pause or end the workout, you’ll need to unlock the screen. This can be done by scrolling the crown up.

After the screen has been unlocked, you can force touch (hard press) to view the menu. If you’ve loaded a workout and are running a guided swim, the workout will automatically end once you’ve completed the last swim set, so you don’t need to end it manually. You can still end the workout early at any time if you’d like using the force touch menu.

It’s important to note that the Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 are water resistant to 50m regardless of if the water lock is on or not. The water lock simply locks the screen so the water doesn’t accidentally activate notifications or functions of the app.

Syncing with HealthKit

Enabling HealthKit permissions is required for MySwimPro to work correctly on Apple Watch. You can make sure you’re synced up by navigating to the MySwimPro settings and flip the toggle for all activity. This will also allow MySwimPro to fill your Activity and Exercise rings!

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Starting A Swim With Siri

With Siri, you can start a workout hands free when you get to the pool. Simply say the command:

“Hey Siri, start a workout with MySwimPro in a XX (meter or yard) pool”.

You can also try “Hey Siri, pause the MySwimPro workout.” or “Hey Siri, end the MySwimPro workout.” Check out the video below for a demonstration!

Still need help? Visit our Support Page or drop us an email at

Happy Swimming!

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20 thoughts on “How To Use The MySwimPro Apple Watch App

    1. Hi Rufus, your captured split times will show up under ‘view workout’ after it’s been logged. They’ll be in parentheses under the interval for each set.

  1. do i need my phone with me when i go to practice or if i just have my watch will it work then i just sync it when i get home?

    1. Hi there! You can adjust the pool length in your app if you tap the More button, then Preferred Pool Length. We currently don’t have the functionality to add a specific pool to your account. Thanks and happy swimming!

  2. Is there a way to track swimming in a swim spa? Open water wants GPS positioning, but in a swim spa you swim against a current and never move. You can set the pace on the spa leaving time and stokes as the variables.

  3. Is there away to set MySwimPro app on the Apple Watch to be autopause like It is an awesome feature with The hard pressing with MySwimPro with the Apple Watch is useless- takes forever in a day to do all that with wet fingers. just detects no movement which equals pause. Only thing missing from your app- something to think about…

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