• Wild Swimming Brothers | The Maelstrom Seven In this guest post, Calum Hudson shares his love for “Wild Swimming” and the incredible adventures it’s brought to his brothers. My name is Calum Hudson and swimming for me has always been an escape. In moments of stress or anxiety it has offered me a way to process my problems and I can feel […] May 15, 2017
  • The 40,000 Yard Swim Workout | English Channel Training To the unknown, Craig Frederiksen would seem like any ordinary 31 year old. In addition to his day-time job, he coaches the local high-school boys and girls swim teams. Craig is a former collegiate swimmer and is a recent U.S. Masters Swimming Open Water National Champion. On top of these accolades, this Moline, Illinois resident […] May 14, 2017
  • Inaugural Garmin Connect IQ Developer Summit Last month, Mike and I had the opportunity to attend the inaugural Garmin Developer Summit on their central campus in Olathe, KS. The conference was focused on allowing developers to learn and network with the founders and team that supports the Garmin Connect IQ ecosystem. The Garmin Developer Summit was a great opportunity to explore […] May 2, 2017
  • The 7 Key Dos & Don’ts For Swimmers Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran swimmer, there are basic rules that we advise you follow. Here are the 7 most important dos and don’ts for swimmers. The Dos: 1) Warmup It’s important to start every workout with some sort of dryland and/or pool warmup. Whether you’re working on endurance or speed, it’s important […] May 1, 2017