Swimming not only helps with general physical fitness, but it encompasses a host of other benefits such as muscle toning, breath control, and meditative qualities. It’s a total body workout that stretches your body—something it probably doesn’t get enough of.

The swimming versus running discussion is less a debate and more of a one-sided argument that leaves runners in the wake of swimmers. Here are just 12 reasons why swimming is better than running.

1) We Get To Float


The feeling of weightlessness in the water is awesome. It just feels better to be in the water. It’s more liberating. Swimmers get to exercise in a weightless environment. How cool is that?

It’s the best thing next to spacewalking!

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2) It’s Low Impact

Running is a high-impact activity that can cause muscle strain, inflammation and other injuries. While there remains some debate of whether running leads to joint problems, its impact does leave runners susceptible to a myriad of problems. Swimming is low-impact, which means you can do it into your 100s (literally)!

3) You Don’t Have To Shower After


The fact that you’re already wet makes it 10x as easy to either dry off and change almost immediately after finishing a workout, or take a quick rinse. The convenience of already being wet makes swimming the perfect option if you’re on a tight schedule.

4) More Training Toys To Put On Your Wish List


Long fins, short fins, paddles, snorkel, pull buoy, kick board, the list goes on! The endless amount of training accessories keep swimming fun and engaging. They make the perfect stocking stuffers, and are great presents for anytime of the year.

5) It’s A Total Body Workout


From head to toe, swimming engages your entire body. Each competitive stroke engages different muscle groups so you’ll torch calories! Fun Fact: swimming butterfly is the most taxing movement among all sports. According to Nutristrategy.com, the calorie torching ranges from 649 calories for a 130-pound person to 1,024 calories for a 205-pound person.

6) Three Words: The Olympic Games


The Olympic games is the world’s largest sporting event – it attracts nearly 4 billion viewers. Swimming is the most popular Olympic sport and occupies 8 days of prime-time television in the first week of the games. Top athletes from the Olympics emerge as Global icons and national heroes.

7) Improves Body Awareness


Swimming improves flexibility, range of motion, and functional strength in the water. This leads to improved core strength and mobile stability in all your joints, as well as stronger muscles and enhanced motor skills. Swimmers have incredible core strength and stability.

8) Group Swim Workouts Are More Social


While staring at the black line can get monotonous, so can running at the same pace. If you swim with a group, the camaraderie is unbeatable. Between sets, swimmers literally do nothing but talk with each other. Have you ever tried to hold a conversation during a run?

9) Variety


No two-swim workouts ever have to be the same. While some swimmers enjoy the consistency of doing the same workouts over and over, most enjoy mixing it up! The ability to change strokes, alternate energy systems and use equipment makes swimming a mentally stimulating experience.

10) Swimming Makes You Smarter

Your brain loves swimming. The extra blood and oxygen helps you become more alert, awake, and focused. It releases endorphins, the “feel good” hormones in our body.
Swimming requires your mind to make neural muscular adjustments to imbalances created from continuous movement through the water. As a result swimming improves dynamic balance and coordination, reflexes, bone density and muscular endurance.

11) No sweat! Or at least it doesn’t feel like it!


Okay, you do sweat when you swim, but because your body heat is conducted by colder pool water, you don’t sweat nearly as much as you would if you were exercising out of water. Have you ever tried going for a run in 90-degree heat? Let’s just say we’ve all been there when your t-shirt changes color from the start of your workout…

12) The Swimmer Body


There are a ton of health benefits swimming has to offer, but probably none that serves our vanity quite as much as having a swimmer’s body. Don’t be shy about your swimmer body. You earned it!

BONUS: Sunrises


Whether you’re swimming open water or in the pool, swimmers experience the most magnificent sunrises/sunsets on Earth’s horizon!

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Swimming combines resistance training with cardio, building lean muscle and boosting your metabolism. It also puts your body through a range of movements, helping your muscles stay long and flexible.

Don’t believe us, decide for yourself!

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  1. Excellent article! Most people think of swimming as a total body workout, but it’s amazing that swimming can boost your brain power. A swim in the morning keeps me feeling great through the day. Helps build endurance, strength and stamina.

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