• Fitter Triathlon Podcast I recently had the opportunity to chat with Bevan McKinnon, Founder of the Fitter Radio! Bevan is an elite athlete and coach producing one of the most popular weekly Triathlon, Endurance training and Nutrition podcasts on iTunes. His shows discuss all aspects of training, racing and nutrition along with interviews with high profile athletes, coaches and […] February 7, 2015
  • Wrapping up DTX Launch at TechTown Detroit The #1 reason startups fail is because they build something no one wants. Over the last 10 weeks, our team at MySwimPro has been lucky enough to go through the DTX Launch program at TechTown Detroit. This summer program helps entrepreneurs fine-tune their business strategy and plans to execute on their ideas. The most important […] February 3, 2015
  • Inaugural Hackathon At the end of last month, MySwimPro held its first internal hackathon: spanning multiple states, it consisted of much pizza, romantic strolls in the rain, and (of course) great ideas! Let me lay it out for you. Here we go! Prep Although Michael is in Minneapolis, we got everyone else- Fares, Will, and myself- in […] February 1, 2015